Emotion out now in Singapore

Simone Kopmajer is back from her gold status bestselling piece - Nothing’s Gonna Change, bringing to you more acoustic jazz arrangements of a wide spectrum of music from across the times!

EMOTION is produced by none other than Simone herself, with John di Martino who’s been with Simone throughout her recording career, on the piano, Herfried Knapp on the electric bass, Ulf Wakenius on the guitars, and once again Reinhardt Winkler on the drums, Wolfgang Puschnig on the flute and alto saxophone. This talented team has gathered together again through their passion and burning heart for music as they did all the arrangements for this album.

Listen to familiar hits from the 60s such as Words by Bee Gees, Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, Emotion by Destiny’s Child, , Hello by Lionel Richie and many more.

Available in all good music stores and www.sensemusicstore.com

Posted on December 21, 2014 .